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  1. The Reelin (RELN) gene encodes the protein reelin, which is a large extracellular matrix glycoprotein that plays a key role in brain development. Additionally, this protein may be involved in memory formation, ne...

    Authors: Jiajun Yin, Yana Lu, Shui Yu, Zhanzhan Dai, Fuquan Zhang and Jianmin Yuan
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:43
  2. Cervical cancer (CC) is the third most common gynecological malignancy around the world. Cisplatin is an effective drug, but cisplatin resistance is a vital factor limiting the clinical usage of cisplatin. Enh...

    Authors: Xiaoling Wu, Youwen Zhong, Qing Chen, Xin Zhang and Hua Zhang
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:41
  3. Avocado is an important cash crop in Tanzania, however its genetic diversity is not thoroughly investigated. This study was undertaken to explore the genetic diversity of avocado in the southern highlands usin...

    Authors: Ibrahim Juma, Mulatu Geleta, Agnes Nyomora, Ganapathi Varma Saripella, Helena Persson Hovmalm, Anders S. Carlsson, Moneim Fatih and Rodomiro Ortiz
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:40
  4. The growth process of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) includes vegetative growth and reproductive growth. The reproductive growth period is relatively long (approximately 1.5 years), during which a large number...

    Authors: Yufei Liu, Dandan Pang, Yiping Tian, Youyong Li, Huibing Jiang, Yunnan Sun, Lifei Xia and Linbo Chen
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:39
  5. Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is a serine/threonine phosphatase that serves as a key regulator of cellular physiology in the context of apoptosis, mitosis, and DNA damage responses. Canonically, PP2A functions...

    Authors: Xiao Lei, Na Ma, Lehui Du, Yanjie Liang, Pei Zhang, Yanan Han and Baolin Qu
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:36
  6. Congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN) represent a benign proliferative skin disease in the epidermis and dermis. CMN are historically known to be associated with activating NRAS or BRAF mutations. Melanoma freque...

    Authors: Yun Zou, Yi Sun, Xiaojing Zeng, Yun Liu, Qingqing Cen, Hao Gu, Xiaoxi Lin, Ren Cai and Hui Chen
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:35
  7. Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the major type of lung cancer with high morbidity and poor prognosis. Erlotinib, an inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), has been clinically applied for N...

    Authors: Huyue Zhou, Qiumei Xiang, Changpeng Hu, Jing Zhang, Qian Zhang and Rong Zhang
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:32
  8. Genetic diathesis of suicide is supported by family and twin studies. Few candidate gene pathways are known, but does not explain fully the complexity of suicide genetic risk. Recent investigations opting for ...

    Authors: Gaurav Gupta, Ravi Deval, Anshuman Mishra, Shashank Upadhyay, Piyoosh Kumar Singh and V. R. Rao
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:31
  9. The aim of this study was to identify the candidate biomarkers and pathways associated with psoriasis. GSE13355 and GSE14905 were extracted from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) database. Then the differentia...

    Authors: Yongqi Luo, Yangyang Luo, Jing Chang, Zhenghui Xiao and Bin Zhou
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:30
  10. Capillary malformation-arteriovenous malformations (CM-AVMs) caused by a RASA-1 or EPHB4 mutation are characterized as hereditary sporadic or multifocal capillary malformations (CMs), associated with potential...

    Authors: Qingqing Cen, Yi Sun, Xiaojing Zeng, Yun Liu, Fatao Liu, Hui Chen, Xiaoxi Lin and Ren Cai
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:27
  11. Sika deer is one of the most popular and valued animals in China. However, few studies have been conducted on the microsatellite of Sika deer, which has hampered the progress of genetic selection breeding. To ...

    Authors: Boyin Jia, Guiwu Wang, Junjun Zheng, Wanyun Yang, Shuzhuo Chang, Jiali Zhang, Yuan Liu, Qining Li, Chenxia Ge, Guang Chen, Dongdong Liu and Fuhe Yang
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:24
  12. WAGR 11p13 deletion syndrome is associated with abnormalities including (W) ilms tumor, (A) niridia, (G) enitourinary abnormalities, and growth and mental (R) etardation (WAGR). Potocki–Schaffer syndrome is a ...

    Authors: Yan Meng, Jun Yang, Chan Tian and Jie Qiao
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:23
  13. Non-invasive diagnostic markers are of great importance for early screening nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play significant roles in many metabolic disease, including NAFLD. There...

    Authors: Yicen Zong, Jing Yan, Li Jin, Bo Xu, Zhen He, Rong Zhang, Cheng Hu and Weiping Jia
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:22
  14. Congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN) is a benign proliferative skin disease in the epidermis and dermis. Large to giant CMNs are estimated to be associated with an increased lifetime risk of malignancy. It is ne...

    Authors: Yi Sun, Yun Zou, Lizhen Wang, Hao Gu, Qingqing Cen, Hui Chen, Xiaoxi Lin and Ren Cai
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:21
  15. Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) is a popular cool-season perennial grass with a high production value, and orchardgrass seed is the fourth top-selling forage grass seed in the world. However, its yield and q...

    Authors: Dandan Qiao, Yajie Zhang, Xuemei Xiong, Mingyang Li, Kai Cai, Hui Luo and Bing Zeng
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:20
  16. Hongyingzi is a sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) cultivar for brewing Moutai liquor. For an overall understanding of the whole genome of Hongyingzi, we performed whole-genome resequencing technology to reveal ...

    Authors: Lingbo Zhou, Can Wang, Xu Gao, Yanqing Ding, Bin Cheng, Guobing Zhang, Ning Cao, Yan Xu, Mingbo Shao and Liyi Zhang
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:19
  17. This study aimed to explore the biological activities of miR-330-3p in dextan sulphate sodium (DSS)-induced ulcerative colitis and apoptosis and the direct target of miR-330-3p in this process. HT-29 cells and...

    Authors: Qifeng Chen, Xiaoming Fang, Ning Yao, Fang Wu, Biao Xu and Zhengguang Chen
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:18
  18. R is a multi-platform statistical software and an object oriented programming language. The package archive network for R provides CRAN repository that features over 15,000 free open source packages, at the ti...

    Authors: Mohammad Ali Nilforooshan and Luis Antonio Saavedra-Jiménez
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:17
  19. Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) is a fructan-accumulating plant, and an industrial source of raw material for fructan production, but the crucial enzymes involved in fructan biosynthesis remain poorly ...

    Authors: Xuemei Sun, Yuan Zong, Shipeng Yang, Lihui Wang, Jieming Gao, Ying Wang, Baolong Liu and Huaigang Zhang
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:14
  20. Acute mountain sickness has become a heavily researched topic in recent years. However, the genetic mechanism and effects have not been elucidated. Our goal is to construct a gene co-expression network to iden...

    Authors: Yue Chang, Jiange He, Jiqiang Tang, Kai Chen, Zhenguo Wang, Qun Xia and Hai Li
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:13
  21. Inflammation is one of the factors associated with prostate cancer. The cytokine tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) plays an important role in inflammation. Several studies have focused on the association bet...

    Authors: Lei Yin, Chuang Yue, Hongwei Jing, Hongyuan Yu, Li Zuo and Tao Liu
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:11
  22. Seven in absentia homolog 1 (SIAH1) is an E3 ubiquitin ligase containing a RING-finger domain and a key regulator of normal development. Skin and hair follicle development is a complex and special process of morp...

    Authors: Tong Zhou, Yang Chen, Bohao Zhao, Shuaishuai Hu, Jiali Li, Ming Liu, Shuang Liang, Zhiyuan Bao and Xinsheng Wu
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:10
  23. Saline-alkaline stress is a major abiotic stress that is harmful to plant growth worldwide. Two peach cultivars (GF677 and Maotao) display distinct phenotypes under saline-alkaline stress. The molecular mechan...

    Authors: Shuxia Sun, Haiyan Song, Jing Li, Dong Chen, Meiyan Tu, Guoliang Jiang, Guoqing Yu and Zhiqin Zhou
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:9
  24. Short tandem repeats (STRs) are important polymorphism makers for human identification and kinship analyses in forensic science. With the continuous development of massively parallel sequencing (MPS), more lab...

    Authors: Dong Wang, Ruiyang Tao, Zhiqiang Li, Dun Pan, Zhuo Wang, Chengtao Li and Yongyong Shi
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:8
  25. Geographical variation in morphological traits may reflect evolutionary patterns of morphological adaptability along environmental gradients. Comprehensive information on longitudinal patterns of morphological...

    Authors: Miaoli Wang, Jingxue Zhang, Zhipeng Guo, Yongzhuo Guan, Gen Qu, Jianyu Liu, Yuxia Guo and Xuebing Yan
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:4
  26. Genetic background affects serum urate concentration and gout risk, especially regarding these variants in the urate-transporter gene ABCG2. However, the role of epistasis between PKD2 and ABCG2 on the pathogenes...

    Authors: Zheng Dong, Jingru Zhou, Shuai Jiang, Yuan Li, Dongbao Zhao, Chengde Yang, Yanyun Ma, Hongjun He, Hengdong Ji, Li Jin, Hejian Zou and Jiucun Wang
    Citation: Hereditas 2020 157:2
  27. Breast cancer is a one of the malignant carcinomas partially caused by genetic risk factors. Germline BRCA1 gene mutations are reportedly associated with breast cancers. Identification of BRCA1 mutations greatly ...

    Authors: Yu Wu, Huanhuan Zhang, Xiaoling Weng, Honglian Wang, Qinghua Zhou, Ying Wu, Yi Shen and Zhen Hu
    Citation: Hereditas 2019 157:1
  28. To investigate the clinical and genetic characteristics of neonatal Crohn’s disease (CD), improve recognition of neonatal CD, and reduce the number of patients that are missed or misdiagnosed.

    Authors: Hongyan Lv, Baojun Qiao, Liyuan Fang, Lihong Yang, Qiuli Wang, Sujing Wu, Pengshun Ren and Lianxiang Li
    Citation: Hereditas 2019 156:38
  29. Heading time is an important trait for regional and seasonal adaptabilities in rice, and is controlled by genetic factors in relation with environmental factors, mainly day length and temperature. The followin...

    Authors: Birendra Bahadur Rana, Misa Kamimukai, Mukunda Bhattarai, Yohei Koide and Masayuki Murai
    Citation: Hereditas 2019 156:36
  30. Cadmium (Cd) is a ubiquitous environmental toxicant for aquatic animals. The freshwater crab, Sinopotamon henanense (S. henanense), is a useful model for monitoring Cd exposure since it is widely distributed in s...

    Authors: Peng Xu, Huiqin Guo, Huihui Wang, Yuxin Xie, Shao Chin Lee, Ming Liu, Jian Zheng, Xiuli Mao, Huan Wang, Fatao Liu, Chunling Wan, Shengying Qin, Yun Liu, Meirong Zhao and Lan Wang
    Citation: Hereditas 2019 156:34
  31. A controversy arose over Mendel’s pea crossing experiments after the statistician R.A. Fisher proposed how these may have been performed and criticised Mendel’s interpretation of his data. Here we re-examine M...

    Authors: T. H. Noel Ellis, Julie M. I. Hofer, Martin T. Swain and Peter J. van Dijk
    Citation: Hereditas 2019 156:33
  32. Identification of high resolving DNA-based markers is of paramount importance to unlock the potential of genetic diversity and selection of unique accessions of Capsicum annuum L., within Cross River and Ebonyi S...

    Authors: David O. Igwe, Celestine A. Afiukwa, George Acquaah and George N. Ude
    Citation: Hereditas 2019 156:32

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