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The Mendelian Society of Lund


 The Mendelian Society of Lund was founded in 1910 and, except for a short break during 1912-1916, has been active ever since. In 1920, the Society started to publish Hereditas, a scientific journal in genetics. As such, the journal is one of the oldest in world dealing with genetics. In the post-genomic era, the scope of Hereditas has evolved to include any research on genomic analysis.

The purpose of the Mendelian Society in Lund:

  • to unite scientists, students and the public working with and sharing an interest for genetics and its practical applications
  • to disseminate genetics and its applications
  • to support publication of scientific research in genetics

Today, the most important activities of the Society are:

  • to strengthen and add to lecturing-activities in the region
  • to coordinate the work of documenting the local development of genetics in the region over the years
  • to organize the continued publication of Hereditas