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Table 3 Markers in the vicinity of Brh1 [21] and the gene models associated with the best blastn hit in the genomes of rice, sorghum and brachypodium

From: Mutations in the gene of the Gα subunit of the heterotrimeric G protein are the cause for the brachytic1 semi-dwarf phenotype in barley and applicable for practical breeding

Marker NCBI accession no. Rice blast hit Sorghum blast hit Brachypodium blast hit
CDO545 AA231869.1
Os06g02550.2 Sb10g001310 Bradi1g50590.1
MWG2074 AJ234755.1
no hit on chromosome 6 no hit on chromosome 10 Bradi1g50650.1
R3139 AU082160
Os06g03560 Sb10g001530
(with D25093)
no conclusive hit