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Table 1 Known brh1 mutant alleles, their genetic background, their availability as Bowman near-isogenic lines, and introgression regions on chromosome 7H

From: Mutations in the gene of the Gα subunit of the heterotrimeric G protein are the cause for the brachytic1 semi-dwarf phenotype in barley and applicable for practical breeding

Allele Genetic background Bowman near-isogenic line Introgression region on 7HS (cM)
ari-i.38 b Bonus BW047b 0 – 13.19
brh1.a a Himalaya BW074b 0 – 13.19
brh1.aa d Aapo BW075b 0 – 48.45 c Steptoe BW076b 0 – 20.56
brh1.c a Moravian no line -
brh1.e a Aramir BW077b 0 – 13.19
brh1.f a Domen no line -
brh1.t a Akashinriki BW078b 8.77 – 26
brh1.x a Volla BW079b 0 – 8.77
brh1.z d Aapo BW080b 0 – 32.35
  1. The near-isogenic lines have been prepared previously as well as the determination of the introgressions [11]
  2. Source of seed material: aNSGC, National Small Grains Collection, U.S. Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service, Aberdeen, Idaho, USA; bNordic Genetic Resource Center, Alnarp, Sweden; cAndris Kleinhofs, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA; dnot available