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Table 1 Samples information

From: Identification of a novel four-gene diagnostic signature for patients with sepsis by integrating weighted gene co-expression network analysis and support vector machine algorithm

Data set Expression Platforms
 Normal 25 GPL570
 Sepsis 82
 Normal 42 GPL13667
 Sepsis 760
 Normal 12 GPL23178
 Sepsis 10
  1. Note:
  2. For the GSE57065 cohort, the total RNA of the sample was extracted through Whole blood Paxgene tubes, and Biotinylated cRNA were prepared according to the standard Affymetrix protocol from total RNA (Expression Analysis Technical Manual, 2001, Affymetrix)
  3. For the GSE65682 cohort, whole blood was collected in PAXgene blood RNA tubes, mixed by inversion 10X and stored at -80C.Total RNA was isolated in accordance with the PAXgene blood RNA isolation (QIAGEN) procedure using the QIAcube workstation
  4. For the GSE145227 cohort, total RNA was extracted using RNAiso, The sample labeling, microarray hybridization and washing were performed based on the manufacturer’s standard protocols. Briefly, total RNAs were transcribed to double strand cDNAs and then synthesized cRNAs. Next, 2nd cycle cDNAs were synthesized from cRNAs, followed by fragmentation and biotin labeling