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Table 3 Publication bias tests (Begg’s funnel plot and Egger’s test for publication bias test) for rs1800629 and rs361525 polymorphisms

From: No association between three polymorphisms (rs1800629, rs361525 and rs1799724) in the tumor necrosis factor-α gene and susceptibility to prostate cancer: a comprehensive meta-analysis

Egger’s testBegg’s test
Genetic typeCoefficientStandard errortP value95%CI of interceptzP value
 A-allele vs. G-allele0.0090.6810.010.989(−1.418–1.437)0.210.833
 AG vs. GG0.3310.5280.630.539(−0.779–1.440)0.10.922
 AA+AG vs. GG0.0460.6190.070.941(−1.249–1.341)0.330.74
 A-allele vs. G-allele−0.2161.2590.170.87(−2.866–3.297)0.120.902
 AG vs. GG−0.2930.935−0.30.765(−2.582–1.996)− 0.121
 AA+AG vs. GG−0.3030.938−0.30.757(−2.599–1.991)− 0.121