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Table 6 Detailed information of hub genes

From: Integrated identification of key genes and pathways in Alzheimer’s disease via comprehensive bioinformatical analyses

Hub genes Involved cell functions References
 CDC42 actin cytoskeleton, gene expression, cell proliferation, Aβ neurotoxicity [69,70,71,72]
 VEGFA neurogenesis, neuronal migration [73,74,75]
 BDNF growth, survival and maintenance of neurons [76, 77]
 PDYN memory, learning, and cognitive functions; drug consumption and addiction [78,79,80]
 CALB long-term potentiation, synaptic plasticity, and memory functions [81, 82]
 TH memory and recognition functions [83, 84]
 CACNA1A learning and memory [85, 86]
 CD44 inflammation-related functions [87,88,89]
 TAC1 neurotrophic and inflammation related functions [90, 91]
Entorhinal cortex
 OXT drug addiction, anxiety and memory formation [92,93,94]
 TAC1 neurotrophic and inflammation related functions [90, 91]