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Table 1 Mendel’s hybridization experiments in Mirabilis

From: Mendel’s controlled pollination experiments in Mirabilis jalapa confirmed his discovery of the gamete theory of inheritance in Pisum

Pollination type Combination/ Year 1868a 1869 1870
Bulked pollination M. jalapa × M. longiflora C F1 F2
M.jalapab crimson × yellow C F1 F2
crimson × white C F1 F2
Controlled pollination Single pollen grainc M. jalapa crimson × yellow C F1/C F2/F1/C
crimson × white C F1/C F2/F1/C
Two pollen grains M. jalapa crimson × (yellow + white)    C
  1. a as the author of Mendel’s biography [1], Orel cited Cetl’s paper in Folia biologia [25] where the start time of Mendel’s experiment in Mirabilis was listed as 1867; however, there was no direct evidence for this date; b Mendel might have executed the method of bulked pollination as listed, but the probability of his conduction of their reciprocal crosses can not be excluded; c the two combinations of the single pollen grain experiments were repeatedly conducted over 3 years, showing Mendel’s rigorousness and the difficulties associated with achieving successful operation