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Table 2 Pairs of DEMs and their predicted target genes

From: Altered microRNAs in C3H10T1/2 cells induced by p.E95K mutant IHH signaling

Gene mRNA Expression in MT group Expression in WT group Targeted by DEM (mouse) Up/Down Regulation of DEM
(Fold change, vs Control) (Fold change, vs Control) (vs Control)
Chn1 NM_029716 -2.78 -1.31 miR-712-5p DOWN
Col4a5 NM_007736 -1.28 -2.49 miR-29-3p UP
Dpysl5 NM_023047 -3.72 -3.2 miR-29-3p UP
Gpr116 NM_001081178 1.07 2.22 miR-712-5p DOWN
Gpr37 NM_134438 1.79 2.48 miR-29-3p UP
Lin28b NM_001031772 3.61 4.26 miR-30e-5p UP
Mycn NM_008709 1.24 1.65 miR-101a-3p DOWN
Nova1 AK034178 2.51 1.09 miR-101a-3p DOWN
Slc25a12 AK086488 1.97 1.99 let-7c-1-3p DOWN