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Table 4 Enhancer enrichment analysis of loci in PKD2

From: Epistatic interaction between PKD2 and ABCG2 influences the pathogenesis of hyperuricemia and gout

SetCell typeAll enhancersStrongest enhancers
1Huvecumbilical vein endothelial cells51.43.60.01240.75.70.005
2H1H1 cell line410.50.40.99440.94.50.013
HepG2hepatocelluar carcinoma249.32.62.50E-05243.17.8< 1.0E-06
Huvecumbilical vein endothelial cells4111.43.6< 1.0E-06295.75.1< 1.0E-06
HSMMskeletal muscle myoblasts3012.92.31.80E-0545.70.70.818
NHLFlung fibrolasts4311.63.7< 1.0E-06154.43.44.20E-05
HMECmammary epithelial cells36152.41.00E-06105.71.70.065
GM12878B-lymohocyte, lymphoblastoid2011.81.70.016134.334.36E-04
NHEKepidermal keratinocytes30132.32.00E-05175.737.40E-05
  1. Set one was urate-related SNPs identified in a recent genome-wide association study. Set two was all SNPs in the gene region of PKD2