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Table 3 DEGs related to tea flowers with pistil deletion

From: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) reveals key genes involved in pistil deletion

Gene Name Gene ID log2 (fold change)
CRQS/CT CRQS/WT Gene Expression Model
ACS ACS3-like CSA026751 7.2531 3.1576 UP
ACS12-like Novel05490 Inf Inf UP
ACO ACO11-like Novel11742 −1.1664 −1.0744 DOWN
ACO6 CSA010549 2.621 3.8761 UP
ACO4-like Novel02945 −4.2473 −3.8215 DOWN
ACO11 Novel10788 −8.0488 −7.8089 DOWN
ERF ERF118-like Novel00816 4.6473 3.9518 UP
WIP WIP3 CSA026801 1.1716 1.6214 UP
AP2 AP2-like CSA009488 −1.207 −1.1156 DOWN
RAP2–7 Novel05812 Inf 10.465 UP
RAP2–7 Novel10689 Inf Inf UP
AGL CAULIFLOWER A-like (MIKC Group) CSA014619 1.1677 1.1901 UP
AGL65 (Mδ Group) Novel05521 4.7555 5.2182 UP
AGL11(STK, MIKC Group) CSA003190 −2.839 −1.9205 DOWN
AGL29(Mα Group) CSA016398 6.4829 3.4336 UP
AGL62(Mα Group) Novel01833 Inf Inf UP
  1. Note: Inf, infinity. UP indicates that the gene expression in CRQS was higher than that in WT and CT; DOWN denotes the opposite