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Table 3 Simple correlations of log-transformed serum miR-132 with clinical parameters

From: Relationship between circulating miR-132 and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in a Chinese population

 rP values
Age (years)− 0.0340.288
BMI (kg/m2)0.0180.386
FPG (mmol/L)0.05080.204
HbA1C (%)−0.0470.218
ALT (U/L)0.0780.099
AST (U/L)0.0310.302
γ-GT (U/L)0.0690.254
TG (mmol/L)0.0870.072
TC (mmol/L)−0.0900.069
FFA (umol/L)−0.0880.074
APOA (mmol/L)−0.1030.044*
APOB (mmol/L)−0.0120.431
APOE (mmol/L)0.1000.049*
ALP (U/L)−0.0020.489
2hPG (mmol/L)−0.0060.970
LDL-C (mmol/L)−0.0840.084
HDL-C (mmol/L)−0.1300.016*
  1. The simple correlation coefficient (r) for association between log10-transformed serum miR-132 with clinical parameters. P value indicates the relationship of clinical traits and miR-132
  2. * means P<0.05 and has statistic significance