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Table 3 Annotations of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), small fragments insertions and deletions (Indels), structural variations (SVs), and copy number variations (CNVs) detected in Hongyingzi

From: Genome-wide variations analysis of sorghum cultivar Hongyingzi for brewing Moutai liquor

CategoryNumbers of SNPsNumbers of IndelsNumbers of SVsNumbers of CNVsRegion
1 kb of upstream89,32638,1981915985 
1 kb of downstream75,17028,3611460789 
Gain of stop codons453103  Coding regions
Loss of stop codons12522  Coding regions
Synonymous38,176   Coding regions
Non-synonymous37,774   Coding regions
Frameshift (insertions) 1354  Coding regions
Frameshift (deletions) 1476  Coding regions
Non-frameshift (insertions) 3219  Coding regions
Non-frameshift (deletions) 3201  Coding regions
Exonic  36571822 
Splicing sites2021895