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Table 1 Anthocyanin pigmentation segregation in Mendel’s trifactorial experiment

From: Mendel’s pea crosses: varieties, traits and statistics

  1. The likelihoods of getting exactly the ratio AA: Aa as reported by Mendel were calculated as described by eq. 1 except that the value 100 is replaced by the number of segregants, given in the column “total”, and using the Excel function BINOM.DIST. The likelihoods (Lm) are listed in the columns “Likelihood from binomial assuming:” in which the two columns correspond to different expectations; the 1: 2 ratio, and Fisher’s ratio. The columns under “In 9 trials” give the corresponding likelihoods in a series of nine trials, there being nine categories in these data, this is estimated as [1 - (1 - Lm)9]
  2. The shaded values (i) are the case in the most abundant class (Rr Ii, 127 plants) where there are fewer Aa plants than Fisher’s ratio predicts (78 vs 84.67), and (ii) the lowest likelihood of the nine AA: Aa segregation ratios (1.6% for the RR Ii class of 60 plants)