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Table 6 Number of developed leaves, and lengths of culm and panicle in T65-R, T65wx and their early and late NILs

From: Responses of earliness and lateness genes for heading to different photoperiods, and specific response of a gene or a pair of genes to short day length in rice

Line/ Variety10-h photoperioda13.5-h photoperiodaSpring-sowing paddy field in 2018
No. of leavesbNo. of leavescCulm lengthdPanicle lengthd
ER509.2 ab10.2 a73.4 a18.2 a
ER4010.0 bc11.4 bc80.5 b20.5 b
ER209.7 ab10.7 ab79.0 b20.0 b
ER110.0 bc11.9 cd84.6 c20.2 b
ER2110.8 cd10.9 b78.4 b20.8 b
T65-R13.0 f12.7 e86.5 cd22.9 cd
T65-T12.0 e12.6 de80.2 b22.6 cd
T65wx11.0 d12.9 e78.2 b22.3 c
LF39.0 a14.1 f97.0 e23.3 cd
LF113.2 f14.1 f80.8 b22.8 cd
LF29.5 ab14.5 f87.9 d20.2 b
  1. Values followed by the same letter within the same column are not statistically different at the 5% level, in accordance with Tukey-Kramer’s method (Sokal and Rohlf [28])
  2. aArtificial light-type growth chamber
  3. b5 to 7 plants per line were measured
  4. c11 to 17 plants per line were measured
  5. d19 to 24 plants per line were measured