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Fig. 3

From: Identification of serum microRNAs as diagnostic biomarkers for schizophrenia

Fig. 3

ROC curves for diagnostic models of the combination of miR-34a-5p + miR-432, miR-34a-5p + miR-449a, miR-432-5p + miR-449a, miR-34a-5p + miR-432-5p + miR-449a

(a) The combination of miR-34a-5p + miR-432 (b) The combination of miR-34a-5p + miR-449a (c) The combination of miR-432-5p + miR-449a. (d) The combination of miR-34a-5p + miR-432-5p + miR-449a.

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