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Table 1 Top 3 the most significantly enriched KEGG pathways of up and down regulated DEGs respectively

From: Differentially expressed genes between systemic sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis

Regulate Term Count P-value Genes Fold Enrichment
up hsa04512:ECM-receptor interaction 16 4.35E-06 COL4A4, ITGA1, ITGA2, ITGA10, CHAD, LAMA2, CD36, COMP, RELN, TNN, THBS1, LAMB1, COL24A1, THBS2, COL11A1, THBS4 4.194075
up hsa04310:Wnt signaling pathway 19 2.80E-05 VANGL2, MMP7, PPP3R1, FZD7, FZD6, CTNNB1, WNT2, GPC4, PLCB4, EP300, DKK1, PRICKLE1, SFRP2, JUN, SFRP4, PRICKLE2, WNT9A, SOX17, BAMBI 3.139857
up hsa04350:TGF-beta signaling pathway 14 6.24E-05 BMP4, BMP2, FST, BMPR2, SMAD1, ACVR1C, INHBA, EP300, ID1, BAMBI, THBS1, BMPR1B, BMP5, ACVR1 3.80088
down hsa05340:Primary immunodeficiency 6 3.89E-07 CD19, CD3D, CD8A, IL2RG, CD79A, IL7R 36.95187
down hsa04640:Hematopoietic cell lineage 7 2.03E-06 CD19, CD3D, CD8A, MS4A1, CD2, IL7R, CSF1R 17.24421
down hsa04060:Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 6 0.003777 CXCL13, IL21R, TNFRSF17, IL2RG, IL7R, CSF1R 5.462451
  1. KEGG Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes, DEGs differentially expressed genes