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Table 1 Strains in the core collection selected by PowerCore

From: Genetic diversity and structure of core collection of winter mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) developed by genomic SSR markers

Strain Cultivar/wild Pileus color origin Strain Cultivar/wild Pileus color origin
F37 Cultivar Yellow Shandong F80 Cultivar Yellow Henan
F114 Cultivar Yellow Shandong F87 Cultivar Yellow Hebei
F1 Cultivar Yellow Beijing F79 Cultivar Yellow Henan
F6 Cultivar Yellow Beijing F146 Wild Yellow Hunan
F89 Cultivar Yellow Hebei F147 Wild Yellow Hunan
F115 Cultivar Yellow Shandong F148 Wild Yellow Hunan
F58 Cultivar Yellow Heilongjiang F77 Wild Yellow Jilin
F112 Cultivar Yellow Shandong F92 Wild Yellow Sichuan
F117 Cultivar White Liaoning F93 Wild Yellow Sichuan
F106 Cultivar Yellow Fujian F94 Wild Yellow Sichuan
F133 Cultivar White Hunan F91 Wild Yellow Yunnan
F19 Cultivar White Sichuan F149 Wild Yellow Yunnan
F78 Cultivar White Jilin F99 Wild Yellow Yunnan
F26 Cultivar White Shijiazhuang F101 Wild Yellow Yunnan
F116 Cultivar White Liaoning F98 Wild Yellow Yunnan
F151 Cultivar White Kunming F103 Wild Yellow Yunnan