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Table 5 Mungbean SNPs detected by genotyping by sequencing among the mapping parents NM92, NM94, TC1966 and V2802 and targeted for genotyping by tetra markers and CEL-I

From: PCR-based assays for validation of single nucleotide polymorphism markers in rice and mungbean

GBS data Sequencing data
Locus name Primer name SNP Position in PCR fragment NM92 TC1966 NM94 V2802 NM92 TC1966 NM94 V2802
1:26,370,595 tetra_6 144 T A T T T A T T
2:23,741,639 tetra_7 181 T T T A T T T A
3:11,561,441 tetra_8 - C G C C C C c c
3:10,830,938 tetra_9 200 G G G A G G G A
5:9,090,455 tetra_10 - G A G G G, G G G
7:13,713,780 tetra_11 - A A A G A A A A
10:3,159,416 tetra_12 171 C G C G C G C G
12:9,262,432 tetra_13 140 T C C C T C C C
  1. The numbers refer to the position of the SNP in the PCR fragment obtained from the mapping parents using the outer tetra primers. SNPs that could not be validated by sequencing are labeled in bold